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Water Filter Install | Breville Barista Express

picture of putting the water filter in the holder

It’s been two months and it’s time to either replace or install your Breville Barista Express water filter for the first time. This guide will outline the simple and affordable steps for successful installation.

1. Buy the Water Filters

I opted for these cost-effective water filters from Amazon instead of the pricier filters from the Breville Brand.

2. Change your dial and wash the plastic holder

The next step is to turn the dial to set a two-month reminder for future filter replacements. This should be done before reinserting the filter as the dial can be difficult to turn. If you have weak hands, consider using a clean dime as a lever. Remember to wash the plastic before proceeding as dimes can be unsanitary.

picture of turning the dial with a dime

3. Soak the filter in water for 5 minutes

Per the package instructions, remove the filter from its packaging and soak it in water for five minutes.

picture of soaking the water filter before use

4. Run water through filter for 60 seconds

After the five-minute soak, flush the water filter by running water through it for 60 seconds.

picture of rinsing the breville barista water filters

5. Rinse the plastic holder and assemble

Next, rinse the plastic filter holder and securely assemble it with the water filter in place.

picture of rinsing the water filter holder
picture of putting the water filter in the holder

6. Lock in and fill with water

Finally, attach the water filter to the base of the water tank and fill the tank to the maximum fill line.

picture of locking in the breville barista water filter

Fill to max line:

picture of filling up the water tank to the breville barista
picture of filled water tank to the max fill line

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed a new water filter on your Breville Barista Express and are now ready to enjoy fresh espresso!

What we learned today:

  • Change the water filter every two months
  • Consider purchasing more affordable filters on Amazon
  • Pre-soak and rinse the filter before use
  • Use a clean dime to turn the reminder dial, if needed, and remember to wash the plastic after use.”

Breville Barista Instruction Manual:

Need help cleaning your Breville Barista Express? CLICK HERE!

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