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Apartment Homemaker Essentials


For those who call apartments home, being a homemaker encompasses more than just dwelling in a physical space. Here’s a list of five must-haves for apartment homemakers.

1. Grocery Transfer Cart

No matter what level you reside on, transporting groceries from your vehicle to your apartment requires a reliable cart. Make apartment living easier with this indispensable tool – a sturdy utility wagon.

2. Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vaccuum

Make cleaning a breeze with the Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum. Its quiet operation, cordless design, and intelligent features make it an excellent choice for tackling both hardwood floors and carpeting.

3. Alexapure Water Filter

Nothing is more essential than clean water. The Alexapure water filter effectively removes up to 99.9999% of 206 harmful contaminants, including the problematic fluoride.

4. Shower Filter

A filtered shower head is often an overlooked essential. But once you experience the benefits of showering with filtered water, you won’t want to go back. Stay refreshed and clean!

5. Fridge Calendar

The dry-erase refrigerator calendar is a must-have tool for an efficient homemaker. It helps keep meal planning and goal setting on track and visible, as it serves as a constant reminder every time you step into the kitchen.

With these five quick essentials, apartment homemakers can make their living spaces easier, cleaner, and more organized. Implement these suggestions to simplify and elevate your apartment lifestyle.

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