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How to cook brown rice in the instant pot

picture of fluffing brown rice

The best way to cook brown rice in the instant pot requires a 1:1.5 ratio of rice to water with a fifteen minute cook time and a ten minute quick release. Let’s go over the steps to cook perfect brown rice in the instant pot.

1. Soak Rice overnight...or 2 hours and rinse

The first step to perfect brown rice in the instant pot is to soak your rice preferably overnight or for two hours.  It wasn’t until later in my brown rice journey that I found that brown rice contains arsenic. At least that’s what the internet is telling me and I’m forever scared now…  🙂 so now I try to soak my rice at least for two hours because nobody’s got time for an overnight soaking.

picture of soaking brown rice

In this example I use one cup of brown rice. I dump the rice in a bowl and cover with water. After soaking for at least two hours, rinse your rice!

picture of rinsing brown rice

2. 1:1.5 Ratio (Rice:Water)

After you rinse your rice, dump the rice into the instant pot. If using one cup of rice, dump 1.5 cups of water into the instant pot. The ratio will always be 1:1.5

picture of brown rice and water in instant pot

3. Instant pot cook time!

Now lock the lid and put steam spout to sealing. Cook for fifteen minutes. Press manual and adjust time to fifteen minutes. After the fifteen minutes is up, you will want to do a quick release for an additional ten minutes.

Lock Lid & Set to Sealing:

picture of setting instant pot to sealing

Fifteen Minute Cook Time:

picture of cook time for brown rice fifteen minutes

Ten Minute Quick Release:

picture of ten minute quick release for brown rice
picture of turning the quick release for the instant pot

4. Fluff and serve!

After the ten minute quick release your rice is complete! Just fluff and serve! 

picture of fluffing brown rice

Brown Rice Complete!

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