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How to steam fresh broccoli in the instant pot

picture of broccoli and the instant pot

Are you tired of mushy steamed broccoli? Do you find yourself not getting the broccoli steamed right? Not anymore! Today I will show you how to steam FRESH broccoli in the instant pot the right way.

1. Have the right tools for the job.

You need a steamer basket and of course an instant pot to steam broccoli. In terms of trying different steamer baskets than the one I used here, the results may be different. Go ahead and get the steamer basket I used here and if you don’t have one already, get a instant pot here.

picture of instant pot steamer basket

2. Put one cup of water in the instant pot

Put one cup of water in the instant pot. Preferably filtered water.

picture of one cup of water being poured into instant pot

3. Prepare the fresh broccoli (not frozen)

I’ve found that using fresh broccoli  is the only way that has worked for me. Every time I cook the frozen in the same way it still comes out mushy. Rinse off and chop  your fresh broccoli into pieces and place in steamer basket. Place steamer basket in the instant pot.

picture of rinsing broccoli for instant pot steaming

4. Lock lid and set to sealing

Lock the instant pot lid and turn steam spout to sealing.

picture of setting instant pot to sealing

5. Cook for zero minutes…yes zero

Set your cook time to zero minutes. For my particular instant pot I push the manual button and take the time down to zero.

picture of setting cook time to zero for steaming broccoli in the instant pot

6. Don’t forget about it!

The biggest mistake you can make is to forget about doing a quick release right after your zero minutes is up. Once it beeps as being done with the zero minute cook time, immediately do the quick release! Too many times have I forgot about it and it ended up mushy from sitting in there too long. 

picture of zero quick release on the instant pot
picture of turning the quick release for the instant pot

7. Enjoy your crisp, non soggy steamed broccoli

Yay! Your done steaming your broccoli! Now enjoy your crisp, non mushy broccoli. Pat yourself on the back for not forgetting to do a quick release!

picture of freshly steamed broccoli in the instant pot

steamed broccoli complete!

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